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Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
We use New Relic APM to seek precise insights into the performance of applications, this allows us to identify gaps, optimize code, and enhance user experience. It also offers detailed reports of transaction flows, metrics related to response times, error rates, and database queries, along with code-level visibility.


Infrastructure Monitoring
Our team uses New Relic Infrastructure to monitor the health and performance of servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud instances. It enables us to know real-time information about resource utilization, network performance, and overall system health.


Synthetic Monitoring
We use the Synthetic monitoring in New Relic to simulate user interactions with their applications. This allows us in monitoring the availability and performance of critical user journeys and identifying issues before real users are affected.


Browser Monitoring
Via browser monitoring, our team gets to know how users experience web applications from their browsers. This measures page load times, render times, and various user interactions, helping our developers to optimize frontend performance.


Mobile Application Monitoring
Through New Relic, we gain insights into the performance of mobile applications on various devices and platforms. Through this service we offer data on crashes, errors, response times, and user engagement.


Collaboration and Integration
We also help businesses with New Relic integration with various collaboration and communication tools. This ensures that the development, operations, and other relevant teams can work together to address issues and optimize performance.
New Relic
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Why New Relic
  • Simple setup

    New Relic offers comprehensive documentation regarding the installation process. Moreover, its guided installation automatically detects your environment and setups the agent accordingly.

  • Ease of use

    New Relic’s dashboard allows you to monitor your web app’s data on a single screen. One can also inspect the data to detect the root cause of errors in no time.

  • Customer error logging

    New Relic records and creates logs for customer errors. It displays different attributes to give you more context for troubleshooting.

  • Transaction racking

    With New Relic, one can preview which of application’s components takes the most time to load.

  • Intuitive user interface

    New Relic UI has a well-designed layout and visual elements. Its customizability also makes the UI suit every type of user, even newcomers.

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Assessment and Planning

In this stage, our company evaluates client’s monitoring needs and determines which components of their application stack they want to monitor. We also identify key metrics, performance indicators, and potential issues clients want to address.

Integration & Instrumentation

This is an important step; our company integrates New Relic into client’s applications and infrastructure. Here we generally use New Relic agents, SDKs, or integrations to instrument their code and systems.


At this stage, our team configures various settings within the New Relic platform, such as setting up alerts, defining thresholds for performance metrics, customizing dashboards, and creating specific monitoring profiles for different environments.


After configuring stage, our New Relic experts deploy updated code to the multiple environments. This is where monitoring begins, as New Relic starts collecting data from the applications and systems.

Data Collection and Analysis

We use New Relic's dashboards, charts, and reports to visualize and analyze the collected data, gaining insights into their application's performance and behavior.

Performance Optimization

Based on the insights gained from New Relic's monitoring data, our development team identifies performance gaps, resource utilization inefficiencies, and areas that need improvement.


What does New Relic do?

New Relic is a real-time monitoring tool that tracks and provides information about your web app performance.


What is the difference between Splunk and New Relic?

New Relic provides a range of tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data and has a strong focus on user experience and ease of use. On the other hand, Splunk is focused on collecting, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated data.


Is New Relic a DevOps Tool?

Yes. DevOps engineers utilize New Relic to monitor web apps’ performance after deploying new changes. Suppose any changes impact performance, and they will immediately fix it.


How Does New Relic Collect Data?

New Relic collects data using an agent. It is a piece of software installed within your application or host server that gathers performance data.


Does New Relic use SQL?

NRQL is an acronym of New Relic query language. It's a query language similar to ANSI SQL (see the syntax), and is used to retrieve detailed New Relic data and get insight into your applications, hosts, and business-important activity.

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