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Having the required expertise, extensive knowledge and a team of qualified professionals well-versed in Jenkins, we avail a gamut of services under Jenkins testing and development. Connect with us for robust, quick & secure app development using Jenkins.


Strategic Application Testing
We develop the best testing strategies for your custom solutions. Our team plans & automate the test process after analyzing your project requirements and gaining an in-depth understanding of your project.


Mobile Automation Testing
We possess the expertise to build custom testing strategies for bug free & seamless mobile applications. Our dedicated QA Team is equipped with the resources necessary to offer automated testing solutions to meet your business goals.


Performance Testing
We design custom performance testing strategies to validate the applications perform as expected.


Regression Testing
We provide regression testing services with the help of Jenkins. Our team of expert developers helps automate the regression testing process with custom configuration.


Expert Consultation
Our dedicated QA Team of experts in Jenkins to offer expert advice and guidelines on speeding up the process of identifying and resolving software bugs & errors.


Report Generation
We perform in-depth testing to ensure your software is free from bugs and errors. Our team of testers implement unique solutions using Jenkins and also make use of various other technologies to speed the testing process.
Experience, approach & quality is what makes stands us apart in the industry. To leverage the best of our services and gain a competitive edge in the industry, book an appointment with us to garner desired growth via robust app development
  • Plugin

    Some of the best plugins available in Jenkins include Git, Jira, Maven integration, Docker, Amazon EC2, and Blue Ocean. Moreover, it also helps to establish the best practice and simplifies the deployment. The expansive plugin ecosystem of Jenkins provides a flexible option as it supports third-party platforms

  • Integrations

    The newest platform for Jenkins supports Kubernetes and Docker containers making the conduction of streamlined procedures even better. Jenkins can be integrated with literally every tool, be it source code management, UI/UX, version control, ticketing, and so much more.

  • Platform Independent

    Jenkins is a platform-independent tool, meaning that it can run on any operating system be it Windows, OS X, or Linux. Since it is built on Java, it has a wide deployment capability and is easy to use for developers.

  • Easy Configuration

    With the help of Jenkins, deploying code and generating test reports has become quite easier. One can instantly modify and configure according to the requirements of the CI/CD systems. Also, it can seamlessly distribute work across multiple machines for an efficient and much faster build, test, and deployment.

we follow

Requirement gathering

In the first step we analyze the software requirements of the application being developed. This will usually involve listing the features set and establishing the type of testing that might be necessary to ensure the software is free from errors.

Test planning

This is the crucial stage of the testing process which includes generating the testing strategy based on the requirements analysis. It also involves setting the environment to run the test cases and considering all the possible platforms, devices, and operating systems relevant to the application in question.

Designing Test case

Our QA Team is well versed in designing the test cases required for automated testing with Jenkins. We develop the testing strategy at this stage along with the test cases for regression testing as well.


At this stage, our team executes the automated testing strategy with the help of Jenkins to detect the issues with the software. It involves generating a bug report for the issues found and also running regression testing cases to ensure it is free from errors.


Our team generates test reports after analyzing the test results and avails necessary assistance. This is the final stage of the testing process before deploying the applications. It involves ensures the application is free from any bugs or errors.

Support & maintenance

During the Support & Maintenance stage, our development team offers maintenance tasks like upgrading, security updates, modifying functionality, and more.


What is Jenkins?

Jenkins – an open source automation server which enables developers around the world to reliably build, test, and deploy their software.


Who uses Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open source based on Java that is used as an automation platform for continuous integration. It is the ideal tool to test software projects and is the chosen tool for some of the best software development firms around the world.


Which type of software testing is possible with Jenkins?

Jenkins is a well-established platform to perform automated testing. It can be used to perform unit testing, integrating testing, functional testing, and performance testing.


Is Jenkins a CI or CD?

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is an open-source automation tool for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). It is a server-based system that runs in servlet containers like Apache Tomcat.


Why Jenkins is used in automation?

Jenkins, an open source continuous integration (CI) server, is a popular choices for CI/CD pipeline orchestration because it allows you to build, test, and deploy your code continuously and autonomously.

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