Why choose Braincuber Technologies For Gitlab?

Gitlab Services We offer

Our full range of GitLab services and capabilities availed by our certified team of GitLab specialists help you make the most of your GitLab deployment.


GitLab Consulting
With our thorough experience & knowledge, we assess, identify & recommend the most optimal solution to fulfill your business goals.


GitLab Implementation
Our professional consultants help you implement GitLab with minimal transition time.


Build Cloud Native Applications
GitLab allows our developers to build applications with tight Kubernetes integration to gain speed, reliability, & scale.


End to End Platform Migration
We help you in migrating your data from previous source code management systems (or multiple source systems) to GitLab.


Gitlab and Jira Integration
We blend planning and development by integrating GitLab and Jira to enhance visibility and decrease complexity.


GitLab Management Services
Our team take care of day-to-day GitLab management & support allowing your teams to focus on code, not infrastructure maintenance.
Choosing us for GitLab services ensures seamless integration, efficient workflow automation, and expert support throughout your software development process. With our thorough knowledge, we use GitLab's features, build collaboration and accelerate project delivery, whilst minimizing potential challenges.
Why Gitlab
  • Managing Code versions

    GitLab excels in managing code versions, allowing developers to easily track changes, branch management, and merging contributions.

  • Code stability

    Gitlab helps to maintain code stability and reliability, thereby saving time and effort in the development or research workflow.

  • Code review

    Gitlab avails powerful code review features, enabling collaboration and feedback among team members.

  • Project management

    It offers robust project management features, including issue tracking, kanban boards, and milestones.

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Discover Opportunities

Understanding your operations and identify bottlenecks and opportunities.

Design Roadmap

Building a roadmap to help your development and operations reach their full potential.

Continuous Integration (CI)

This stage involves developers to enhance code quality and reduce integration issues, enabling frequent and reliable releases.

Collaborative Development

During this stage, our pro Developers work on feature branches within the repository, regularly committing code changes.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

For consistent and error-free deployment, our company configures CD pipelines to automate deployment to staging and production environments, reducing manual intervention and potential errors.

Issue Tracking

Our team in this stage, employs GitLab's issue tracking system to manage tasks, bugs, and enhancements. Our Developers define priority work, assign tasks, and track progress, ensuring efficient project management.

Security and Compliance

During this stage, our team employs GitLab's security features to scan code for vulnerabilities and ensure that industry standards are followed. This helps us in mitigating security risks and maintaining the integrity of the codebase.

Develop Solution

At this stage, our team indulges in establishing the infrastructure and delivering high-performing, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

GitLab Support

Our team avails continuous support & maintenance for GitLab enabling you to relax while we do all the testing, fixing & tracking.


What is GitLab?

GitLab DevSecOps platform enables software innovation by aiming to empower development, security, and operations teams to build better software, faster.


What is the use of Gitlab?

With GitLab, teams can create, deliver, and manage code quickly and continuously instead of managing disparate tools and scripts. GitLab helps teams across the complete DevSecOps lifecycle, from developing, securing, and deploying software.


Which company owns GitLab?

GitLab Inc. is an open-core company that operates GitLab, a DevOps software package which can develop, secure, and operate software.


Is GitLab Linux based?

A typical install of GitLab is on GNU/Linux, but growing number of deployments also use the Kubernetes platform


What is difference between GitHub and GitLab?

GitHub is a collaboration platform that helps review and manage codes remotely, GitLab is majorly focused on DevOps and CI/CD.

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