Why choose Braincuber Technologies as a Appium testing Company?
Braincuber Technologies As An Appium Testing Company

Appium Service We offer

From testing to integration and upgrades, our team of experts with their knowledge and skills avail on time, quality services that makes the application stand apart in the competition.


Strategic Application Testing
We avail strategic app testing by analysing the app development phase, infrastructure, and challenges to develop a fool-proof automation process.


Mobile Automation Testing
Our team thoroughly test operability, functioning, configuration, storage space, and compatibility on different platforms and devices.


Functional Test Automation
We use the right tools to test functionalities on static as well as dynamic resources in various scenarios.


Automated Regression Testing
Our team conducts repetitive tests on the app code to make sure it works perfectly after changing the code.


Testing Report Generation
Our company generates all-inclusive and interactive reports about the testing process to determine app errors in advance.


Appium Testing Consultation
Our testing consultants detect the issues and deliver automated testing services to address them at the earliest.
Our experience has led us to choose a correct blend of tools, strategies and expertise that avails robust testing services which ensures smooth and seamless running of the app devoid of any bugs or errors.
Why Appium
  • Compatibility with various programming languages

    Appium utilizes the mobile JSON wire protocol for client-server communication. This significantly enables developers and QA teams to write test scripts in their preferred programming languages (Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and others). Developers can easily write tests with their preferred tools using any WebDriver-compatible language such as Java, Objective-C, and JavaScript.

  • Seamless integrations

    Appium can be used efficiently with other external applications such as Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver. It sets no limitation in choosing your technology stack, as it supports multiple tools. Appium testing allows developers to choose their own underpinning framework for unit testing, like XCTest or XCUITest.

  • Cross-platform test cases

    Not only Android, Appium covers your iOS apps too. The test automation framework is a cross-platform that allows you to run against multiple mobile platforms. Also, it enables developers to reuse codes across Android and iOS test suites.

  • Low memory consumption

    The architecture of Appium functions as a proxy between the toolkit for automation and the test machine, consume low memory.

we follow

Requirement gathering

At this stage, our team of developers help you to identity the purpose of your project and why you need to use Appium automation for your mobile apps.

Test Strategy and Planning

On the basis of the collected information, our development team designs a test strategy and plan which includes deciding on the test framework, test environment setup, selecting the appropriate file & formats, and defining the test cases to be automated.

Test Environment Setup

In this stage, our team sets up the test environment, which includes installing the necessary software, browsers, and configurations to carry out Appium tests.

Creating design and prototypes

Design and prototyping stage involve creating a rough sketch of the product and analysing the flow. Wireframing aids us to understand the functions of screen design and how the application will blend together, and how to enhance the user experience.


Once the testing phase is complete, and the software is deemed ready for release, our team assists with the deployment process.

Maintenance and technical support

After deployment, the development cycle is renewed. Rest assured that we have the resources to maintain your product and ensure its authenticity and integrity in the market place.


What is Appium automation testing?

Kubernetes is an open-source platform dedicated to managing, automating, and scaling containerized applications.


What are the programming languages that your Appium testers are proficient in?

Our Appium developers are proficient in a range of programming languages such as Java, Objective-C, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, Clojure, and JavaScript with Node.js. They are also well-versed in build frameworks such as Maven, ANT, and Gradle.


Which companies use Appium?

GEICO, J. J. Keller & Associates Inc, Charles Schwab, Walmart & more.


Is Appium better than Selenium?

If you're looking to automate testing of native and hybrid mobile applications, Appium is a better choice.


Does Appium require coding?

Appium does not require application source code/library.

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