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Our angular development services covers a plethora of offerings which are thoroughly researched, practiced and avails desired results on stipulated time.Explore our services galore now.


Angular development
Braincuber Technologies offers expert Angular development services by crafting cutting-edge web applications that deliver seamless user experiences and superior performance.


Custom Angular solutions
Our company utilizes the power of Angular framework to curate bespoke web applications that precisely meet our clients' specific needs, ensuring a tailored and optimized user experience.


Maintenance & support
With a dedicated team of Angular experts, we avail ongoing support, regular monitoring, and timely maintenance, thereby ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of our clients' Angular applications.


Angular upgrade
Our team provides smooth transition from older versions to the latest Angular framework, enhancing performance, security, and leveraging new features for improved functionality.


Native & advanced Angular
With our expertise in Angular techniques, we deliver native angular and advanced solutions incorporating its unique features such as real-time updates, offline functionality, and integration with third-party APIs for unparalleled functionality and versatility.


Angular design service
Our team crafts visually pleasing and functional Angular applications that fits our clients' brand identity, driving enhanced user experiences and fostering brand loyalty.
Angular ?
With our dominance in the industry for unique approach and support services for angular development, we have ample reasons why you should partner with us.
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  • Coding structure

    The coding structure in Angular development emphasizes the use of components, services, and modules, promoting a modular and reusable approach that enhances code organization and maintainability.

  • Speedy programming

    Angular development supports rapid development cycles enable quicker iterations, avails prompt feature updates and enhancements, thereby leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved ROI.

  • Custom widgets

    Custom widgets enables code reusability and modularity, simplifying future development and maintenance tasks, resulting in a more efficient and scalable Angular application.

  • Fast & efficient testing

    Testing processes in angular development aids quicker feedback loops, enabling developers to make necessary adjustments promptly, leading to faster development iterations and timely delivery.

  • Seamless user experience

    By providing intuitive navigation, fast-loading pages, and responsive design, Angular applications offer a smooth experience, enhancing the overall brand perception and driving business success.

  • Framework

    The robust framework of angular supports modularization, dependency injection, and component-based architecture, which allows developers to build complex and maintainable web applications efficiently.

we follow

Requirement gathering

This stage involves conducting meetings, interviews, and workshops to collect detailed specifications, user stories, use cases, and any other relevant information.

Proposal & engagement

After requirement gathering, our team presents a detailed project scope, timeline, and cost estimates to the client, establishing clear expectations and terms for collaboration.

Designs, wireframes & mockups

In this stage of Angular development, our UI/UX team crafts visual representations of the application's layout, navigation, and user interactions, maintaining a shared understanding between stakeholders and developers

Prototype demo

We present an interactive prototype of the application at this stage, allowing stakeholders to see key functionalities and provide valuable feedback for further refinement.

Changes requests

Our development team carefully evaluates changes requests if any, and implement approved changes efficiently to deliver a customized Angular application that meets the client's expectations.


Our dedicated team of developers employs industry best practices and coding standards to develop robust and scalable Angular applications


In the Deployment stage of Angular development, the application is prepared and configured for production, utilizing various tools and strategies to ensure smooth deployment on the intended platform.

Support & maintenance

Our development team provides ongoing assistance, monitoring, and troubleshooting to address any issues or updates that may arise post-deployment.


In this stage, our team implements best practices to optimize the Angular application for search engines, enhancing its visibility and discoverability in organic search results.


What is Angular and what is it used for?

Angular is a frontend JavaScript web application framework. Therefore, it is mainly used for the front-end development of MEAN stack web applications and websites.


Is post-deployment technical support for Angular project provided from your team?

Yes, you will get post-deployment technical support from our team. We have a team that takes care of your project 24X7.


Who will own the source code of my Angular project?

As the client, you will own the source code. Once the project is launched successfully and payments are cleared, our development team will hand over the project including the source code.


What is the cost of developing angular based app?

The cost of developing an Angular-based web application depends on several factors such as the complexity of the app, features, and functionalities, development time, etc.


Can Angular be used for Mobile App Development?

Angular is primarily designed for web application development but it can also be employed to build mobile applications using frameworks like Ionic or NativeScript.

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