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Agile is a continuous strategy for software development and project management. Agile software development includes robust frameworks like extreme programming, scrum and various practices like sprints, test-driven development, pair programming, and more.
The agile software development model involves producing short chunks of software instantly to satisfy customers and enhance user experience. Agile development methodology solutions are universally used to speed up software development, instantly react to market changes, and lessen expenses.
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We Offer

Being a top-notch agile system development company, Braincuber Technologies is known for offering a diverse set of high-performance agile development services that improve user experiences.


Agile Consulting Services
Our agile software development team provides top-notch consulting services. We will evaluate, develop, and alter the agile solutions as per the requirements of the businesses.


Agile Delivery and DevOps
We support agile software methodology throughout the development process to convert MVP into a proven-tested product by offering steady integration and delivery. Our team utilizes the latest DevOps tools for automating and estimating delivery performance.


UX/UI Agile Design
We have a skilled group of agile professionals who are experienced in UX/UI agile designs. They have experience in developing versatile digital solutions for various industries. Our experts will develop a user-centered UX/UI agile design.


Agile Framework
Coming to the agile software development framework, our experts utilize strategic scrum methods. Along with that, we follow detailed quality verification and management techniques in order to develop software solutions that can help businesses digitally transform and improve customer experience.


Agile Transformation
Our agile system development professionals assist with agile transformation by offering scalable, high-performance, and growth-driven software solutions. We will help in boosting the grade of the deliverables and enhance the agile time-to-market speed.
Choose Us?
Braincuber Technologies is one of the well-known agile software development companies with years of experience and a steady client base. Below are some benefits of choosing us for agile development projects.
Why Choose Us For Agile Development
  • Certified Experts

    In our skilled agile software development team, we have certified agile experts who master agile procedure implementation in every phase of development.

  • Versatile Solutions

    We have agile experts who deliver versatile and scalable agile software development solutions to startups, small companies, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises.

  • Industry-wise Solutions

    We offer agile system development solutions for different industries, which are: e-commerce, marketing, real estate, manufacturing, gaming, finance, travel, entertainment, social media, education, food, sports, and more.

  • Transparency

    Our company greatly values transparency and trust. In addition to that, we will send accurate updates on the project and stay true to our prior client commitments.

  • Quick Delivery

    Our team will collaborate in every stage of agile software methodology development to create agile software solutions quickly and deliver them ahead of the estimated deadline.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We offer 24/7, free service and support to help our clients instantly. Furthermore, we have annual and monthly maintenance packages to upgrade the agile solutions.

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What are the benefits of agile software development solutions for businesses?

There are several benefits of agile software development solutions as they help businesses enhance their value, acquire user-focused, proven-tested software, and decrease overall costs. In addition, agile solutions are highly adaptable and feature quick time-to-market.


What are common types of agile methodologies?

Kanban, scrum, lean development, extreme programming (xp), and crystal are the common types of agile methodologies. However, scrum is the most well-known agile methodology out of all.


Is there a skilled agile software development team at Braincuber Technologies?

At Braincuber Technologies, we have a top-notch agile software development team, and our professionals have several years of working experience. Our agile experts collaborate and utilize the agile methodology to navigate the software development procedure.


Does Braincuber Technologies use the latest agile software development technologies?

At Braincuber Technologies, our experts use various agile software development technologies, such as:

  • Frontend (Coroutines Kotlin, Java, RxJava, Kotlin, RxKotlin)
  • Backend (PHP, NET, JAVA, Node)
  • DevOps (GitHub Actions and CI/CD)
  • Database (CoreData, SQLite, Firebase, Realm)


Does Braincuber Technologies use the latest agile software development technologies?

At Braincuber Technologies, the cost of an agile software development project is based on the project's complexity, estimated time, level of expertise required, industry, and other factors. However, we make sure to offer budget-friendly agile solutions.

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