R & D
You are in the company of Mad Scientists.
Our developers love to tinker around with different technologies, be it React Native, Flutter, Svelte or IoT. Mostly unrelated to work, they just experiment with anything that catches their fancy and we support them through their endeavours. Take a look at our weird experiments that resulted in some amazing creations.
Research & Development
Experiments and research is at the heart of Braincuber Technologies. Have a look at the amazing things our devs have built using the newest tech in the world.
Premium Products
Experiments lead to innovation of exciting products that can make lives easier.
Our products are built to solve problems and streamline processes.
No code tools, API management environments and much more...
Over 5+ premium & 7+ open source products available.
BuilderX is a browser-based design tool that codes React Native & React for you. With a vision to bring designers and developers on one platform, BuilderX gives you beautiful, production-ready code for your designs.
NativeBase Market
One-stop market for trusted React Native Apps & Components. Buy React Native Starter Kits, Full Apps, UI Themes and Animations.
An automated hiring solution for recruits and recruiters. Create your profile, apply for openings and take interviews as candidates or post jobs and let TheTopGeek evaluate applicants using behavioural AI & ML.

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