Travel & Hospitality
Transforming Travel & Upping The Ante For Hospitality Services
From local to international, our solutions change the way travel & hospitality businesses perceive the market and navigate it, all through digital platforms, so that the business remains uninterrupted and you adapt to the future.
User Management
A segment for users to create accounts or log in to existing ones and manage their profiles on the platform.
Airline/Hotel/Vehicle Catalog
A catalog view of the services users require, connected to servers for real-time reflection of availability and prices, with filters to sort according to need.
Booking Management
A module to revisit past booking details, modify active and future bookings and extract details pertaining to them at the user's discretion.
Payment Gateway Flow
A secure end-to-end payment gateway for users to make instant payment for bookings online.
Admin Dashboard
An admin view of the app for complete app management. Admins can check for availability, manage users, promotions and other app features.
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