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User Management
A comprehensible module for users and vendors to sign-up, sign-in to access the app and manage their profiles quickly and with ease.
Product Showcase & Categorization
Display your products in their full glory with every detail that the consumer wants to know. Let them sort the products according to their needs with filters.
Cart Management & Checkout System
Quick cart management for users with which they can add/remove products and make quick purchases with instant checkout or traditional checkout systems.
Payment Flow
Fast, safe and secure online payment gateway for your customers to instantly book the products they are interested in and pay for them using multiple payment sources.
Order Management & Feedback
Manage all placed orders with their current status and a live shipment tracking module to know where they are and give feedback.
Vendor Dashboard
A dedicated dashboard for vendors to manage their product listings on the app and change availability., manage feedbacks, stores, inventory and subscriptions.
A dedicated dashboard for admins to manage user base, products, vendors, payments, invites and discounts/sales.
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