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We are a team of avid React developers who have collaborated with partners globally to create 100+ applications. Over the times, we have comprehensively researched and developed innovative React solutions which has been received well by our clients as well as the the dev community.
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Why choose React as your Front-end stack
React is a UI library that focuses on end-user experience, high performance.
For Frontend Store/State Management in React application, we at Braincuber Technologies prefer
A Functional Programming approach to store management. Data revolves around a unidirectional flow, making the logic of app predictable and easier to understand.
Object Oriented Programming approach to store management which follows Observer-Observable pattern, making it easier to understand and design the store.react hooks logo
React Hooks
The newest State management techniques using functions called hooks that lets you "hook into" React state and lifecycle features from function components.
A library for composing asynchronous programs using observable sequences.
UI Libraries that make your apps look and feel amazing
easy to use React Bootstrap 4 components.
Ant Design
Object Oriented Programming approach to store management which follows Observer-Observable pattern, making it easier to understand and design the store.react hooks logo
Material UI
Material design components for React.
Extensive UI library with focus on desktop as well as mobile.
Build/ development tools to make it all come together smoothly:
JavaScript like language with strong types
Tool to help maintain code quality by enforcing coding conventions.s logo
Code formatter.
Packager for development builds.
Compiler for transpiling ECMAScript and JSX code into browser-executable code.
Analytics to observe how we can contribute to your success:
It makes it tremendously easy to set up trackers in your apps.
Google Analytics
It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps website owners measure how users interact with website content.
Crash Reporting, because everything needs to be in working order:
Open-source and hosted error monitoring tool.
A bug monitoring & CR tool that lets you prioritize breaking bugs.
CI/ CD Deployment Tools for the finished products to see the light of day:
Travis CI
Hosted continuous integration service for software hosted on GitHub.
Circle CI
Continuous Integration and Delivery platform for Linux, macOS.
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Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services below
Is React the way to go if I want my app to be scalable?

Yes. React offers features and options to scale your app to any number of users and usage scenarios.

If I choose React as for the web app and ReactJS Native for my mobile app, can that reduce the timeline and cost?

Yes. As React Native is a derivative of ReactJS, a lot of components can be translated and reused easily, thereby reducing time and cost.

Is React better than Vue / Angular?

The ideal choice for an app depends on the nature of the app, its usage and its purpose. Where React is a good fit for some cases, others might perform better when built in Vue or Angular. Consult with our experts to know what suits your needs.

Can I get a React developer to work with my existing team?

Yes. We have a provision of embedding our developers with your existing teams to work on your projects.

What's the best backend technology that goes with a React app?

Some backend tech that can go well with ReactJS include NodeJS, Python, ExpressJS etc. Backend & Frontend are independent of each other, so choosing a backend technology is based on the nature and application of the backend.

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