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How much experience is needed to apply for a particular role at Braincuber Technologies?

We have clearly listed the minimum experience needed for different open positions on this page. Click on any current opening you feel suitable for to find the experience needed for that role.


Can I mail you my resume without applying for a specific position?

Yes, you can mail your resume to our recruitment team as per your area of interest. Our team will connect with you if they find your resume ideal for an opening.


Which documents should I submit while applying for a vacancy?

Please upload a copy of your updated resume and give the details mentioned in the online form.


How long should I wait to find out the outcome of my interview?

After you complete all the interview rounds, we will provide you with the final outcome in not more than a week’s time. In case we take longer, please reach out to the recruitment team.


How will I know that you have received my job application?

We will send you a confirmation message about the same. Our recruiter will contact you once they find out you meet the qualifications for a current opening. You can also send an email with your resume and details to us.
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